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You are clearly thinking about marketing for your horse, equestrian, equine business. Give me a call for that first free initial consultation. It can’t hurt. It won’t cost you anything – I have a toll free number 888-309-5818. Or you can email me and let me know a good time for me to call you.

I have my very first cowboy boots from when I was 4 or 5 years old. The heels are worn down to the nails. I remember my red cowgirl skirt and vest and hat with white fringe, and these once red boots. Since then I have owned paddock boots, field boots, dressage boots, muck boots and lots of cowboy boots. costume class

I have competed in everything from dressage shows to costume classes. I won my costume classes. A long way around to say I am a horse person. Owner, rider, mucker, lover.

My other persona is in marketing. For over thirty years I had a business to business and retail marketing, advertising & design company with my late husband, Robert Greenebaum. Having worked with hundreds of organizations ranging from 1-2 people to regional, national and international companies, I bring all my combined experience to the horse arena with g2 partners: equine marketing.

Jamie Menczer


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