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Marketing your equine business can be confusing and overwhelming. You read about all the things you have to do: You have to have a website; you have to blog; you have to be on social media; you have…to have to…have to. And you read that you can do this all by yourself. It is so easy. Just sit down in front of your computer every morning. Before you do any of the necessary things you need to do to run your equine related business. Before you check your email, pay bills, return phone calls. Before you feed the horses, turn them out, muck stalls. Or mend fences, drag the ring, teach lessons, train horses, go to shows, wait for the vet.

I am confounded by this. You are an equine business professional. I am an equine marketing professional.

closeupYou are bombarded by this notion every time you begin to think about equine marketing. The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it may not be your business. Having a website is a necessity in today’s world—but do you have the time to spend developing and creating one? Writing copy? Addressing Search Engine Optimization? Aren’t you too busy doing what you do best—running your equine business?

My goal is to create a brand—a presence for you that is you. Perhaps it is a logo that speaks to whom you are and what your business is. A website that talks in your voice, with your passion. Or support your social media efforts in ways that make them manageable. Create printed materials such as business cards, brochures, rack cards, ads that connect with your audience.

mini faceI am a horse person. Owner, rider, mucker, lover. My other persona is in marketing. For over thirty years I had a business to business and retail marketing, advertising & design company with my late husband, Robert Greenebaum. Having worked with hundreds of organizations ranging from 1-2 people to regional, national and international companies, I bring all my combined experience to the horse arena with g2 partners: equine marketing.

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